Simon London (SGCNZ NSSP 1997, 1999 & SGCNZ YSC 1998)

Simon London became involved with SGCNZ through the influence of director Rozena Hallum at St Andrew’s College in Christchurch. In 1997 he performed in her piece, Bottom’s Dream, which won the SGCNZ Canterbury Regional UOSWSF and earned him the Certificate of Distinction for Best Characterisation. Then, at the National Festival in Wellington, he was selected for SGCNZ NSSP. In 1998 he took part in the SGCNZ YSC trip of the UK. In 1999, for Hallum’s Two Fated Households, Simon was awarded a Certificate of Distinction for an Outstanding Performance and was selected for SGCNZ NSSP again, this time in Christchurch. In 2000 Hallum’s A Walking Shadow again earned him a Certificate of Distinction for an Outstanding Performance in the Canterbury Regional Festival and then at the National Festival in Wellington Simon was awarded the Peter Vere-Jones Award for Outstanding Performance. In 2001 he interned at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.

Since 2000 he has worked as an actor and writer throughout New Zealand, in the UK and Australia. He has performed extensively on stage and screen and his own theatrical brainchild The Generation of Z, an immersive theatrical zombie apocalypse experience, stormed The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 and then went on to a three month run in London in 2015.