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“SGCNZ … relies heavily on sponsorship and donations … so if you or someone you know has a wealthy great-aunt who could spare money for the wonderful organisation that shapes the futures of so many young people, SGCNZ would be so grateful.” – Blaise Clotworthy, SGCNZ YSC 2011

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand needs to raise over $750,000 each year in cash and in-kind to provide its opportunities and activities. Some 5750 participants benefit, and more than 200,000 fill theatres and halls annually to enjoy the performances by our young people.

Registered with the Charities Commission, CC 23945, SGCNZ provides charitable donee status receipts; you gain 1/3rd rebate, and as much or as little acknowledgement as you wish.

Do you appreciate SGCNZ’s performances or the individual’s growth you have witnessed? Do you appreciate what your child or relative has achieved? Do you want to ‘give back’ to the organisation as an Alumnus or supporter of SGCNZ?

There is a multiplicity of ways to contribute, which include:

  • Weekly/ fortnightly / monthly donations paid by direct credit into SGCNZ’s account
  • Payroll Giving – where your workplace deposits regular designated amounts of your salary into SGCNZ’s account and you gain rebates as you pay
  • One-off donations
  • Hardship Fund contributions for SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company members
  • Donations for other specific individuals in SGCNZ associated activities
  • Prizes for SGCNZ’s Festivals and Competitions
  • Advertise in our magazines and programmes
  • Naming rights sponsorship of certain events
  • ‘The List’ of ‘tagged’ funding requirements of SGCNZ
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Make an annual pledge
  • 1000 Club Membership – give $1000 once or annually or biennially…
  • Living bequests – watch your money benefit its recipients
  • Bequests – leave money to facilitate the longevity of SGCNZ or for a specific purpose
  • Any other ways you might like to suggest!

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Sponsorship: Please contact the CEO (dawn@sgcnz.org.nz)

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