“givealittle” funding

The Ministry of Education has pledged to partially fund the work of SGCNZ after Creative New Zealand decided to decline SGCNZ’s application.

Putting up events in order to provide life skill enhancing opportunities to young New Zealanders by performing and absorbing the works of Shakespeare costs a lot more than the money the provided by the Ministry of Education.

We would be grateful for your financial support, so we can continue our important work.

We have set up a “givealittle” account  to receive your generous support. Your donations to the SGCNZ, a registered Charity, CC23945, are deductible for New Zealand tax residents and a one-third rebate is available on all donations of NZ$5 and more.

“Your great benefactors, sprinkle our society with thankfulness. For your own gifts make yourselves praised.” Timon of Athens, Act III, Scene 6.