Juliette Bernard (SGCNZ NSSP 2016, SGCNZ YSC 2017)

In the summer of 2017 Juliette Bernard was in London with SGCNZ YSC having an “experience of a lifetime.” Since coming home from this trip she finds herself, almost daily, reflecting on the experience. Juliette absolutely loved being immersed in Shakespeare, from going to watch his plays, having lectures on the context of the plays in London at the time, how we can still find relevance in Shakespeare’s work today, how to physicalise Shakespeare’s work, to learning how to speak Shakespearean English and so much more. The knowledge and wisdom gained over that trip is such that she couldn’t get anywhere else in the world. As an actor she got an insight into what it would be like to act in London or to study further in a professional sector and that has inspired her. Shakespeare’s work will always have an even more special place in her heart.

Juliette went on to study theatre.