SGCNZ PPWS 2024 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Plans are already afoot for our youngest cohorts of performers to be treading the boards in early November in Primarily Playing with Shakespeare 2024.

An opportunity for young people from Years 1-8 and their teachers, this is a programme created to develop core skills as students embark on a journey of discovery of the delights of language, story-telling with confidence, and performing the words of Shakespeare – ignited with artistic creativity. Watch this space for more details!

Expression of interest

SGCNZ PPWS is happening in 2024 in Wellington and around New Zealand! Choose the appropriate form and return ASAP. Enquires to

From cutting teeth on Shakespeare to the Globe

It is exciting to see that 3 children, Maddie Brooks Gillespie, Mirren Callaghan and Jacynta Scurfield, who began their time in SGCNZ’s activities in this programme, Primarily Playing with Shakespeare, as teenagers performed in our Regional and National Festivals, were chosen to attend SGCNZ National Shakespeare Schools Production and selected to be members of SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company to study for 2 weeks and perform at the Globe in London! Maddie and Jacynta both became Narrators for SGCNZ PPWS performances, and Maddie has also designed most of the posters and programme covers. And so the pūkenga and whanau increases through SGCNZ.

For more information on this programme, or if anyone in any region around the country wishes to start up this programme under SGCNZ’s aegis, please contact Dawn Sanders on 027 283 6016 or email