Shakespeare’s Globe International Actor’s Fellowship 2013

New Zealand’s 2013 International Artistic Fellows were Alistair Browning and David Lawrence

The IAF is a professional development opportunity for actors from around the world, with experience in performing Shakespeare and classical theatre, who have a desire to share their love and knowledge of Shakespeare with fellow actors from other cultures. The Globe Theatre has always been a vibrant international meeting place. Its 2012 Globe to Globe Festival welcomed 37 international companies to present all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays each in a different language; it has grown the Globe’s international family around the world and reinforced our appetite to learn from each other by sharing culturally diverse approaches when performing Shakespeare in the ‘Wooden O’. The 2013 Fellowship programme was fuelled by this desire and gave participants the opportunity to share their own cultural access to Shakespeare.

The 2013 Fellowship was a full-time three-week course and concluded with a showcase performance to an invited audience on the Globe stage. Participants were part of an international company, with people from all over the globe, who relished the opportunity to explore the architecture, work with the Globe’s key practitioners and understand how Shakespeare lives in other cultures. The Fellowship provided participants not only a technical apprenticeship but the chance to live, work and play in London with peers from all across the world.

Alistair Browning as Antony at the Summer Shakespeare festival photographed at Shed 5.
Alistair Browning
David Lawrence