Celebrating 30 Years! | Alumni Updates – year round

Date: 31/12/2021
Category: Theatre Companies – Amateur / Other

We always welcome new and updated Alumni bios and would love to hear what you have been up to since you were last involved with SGCNZ!

Alumni bios feature prominently on a dedicated section of our website, and come from those involved in every facet of SGCNZ! Post Festivals, competitions, training courses and Fellowships, we love to hear where you have ventured in every profession- “all the world’s a stage…” after all.

We would love to promote your projects too! Send us the details, so that we can share them on our social media channels and in our newsletter Accent on Shakespeare when and where possible.

Alumni bios should be approximately 200 words long and include a low-resolution image (1MB max).

For more information about Alumni Bios and promotion opportunities or to send us your updates, please email sgcnz@sgcnz.org.nz.