Original Pronunciation Maori Session with Ben Crystal & Moana Ete- Public Talk

Date: 23/05/2017
Category: Theatre Companies – Professional

Date & Time: Tues 23 May 5pm-6pm

Venue: Circa Theatre, Wellington

Tickets: Koha – numbers restricted to 100, book via SGCNZ

Original Pronunciation Maori Session with Ben Crystal and Moana Ete – Public Talk

What did Shakespeare’s accent – and that of his actors and audience – sound like?

What can we learn from hearing and speaking his works in that accent?

And how does it sound differently with a Maori or Pacific Island accent?

With no recordings or transcriptions available to us, how do we know?

Actor, author & producer Ben Crystal (Shakespeare’s Words, Shakespeare on Toast) with Maori (Nga Tahu)/Samoan actor ( & SGCNZ Alumna), Moana Ete, explores the fascinating 400 year old sound of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. And for the first time ever, with a Kiwi twist – showing a world hidden beneath our readings in modern English accents full of rhyme, rhythm, and a very subtle humour.