Carmel McGlone (SG IAF 2011)

“I went to school in Porirua, Viard College. Drama wasn’t taught then but I remember doing (studying would be too grand a term for what we did) Macbeth in 3rd form and Hamlet in my 7th form English class. Dawn Sanders invited me to be an assessor for the SGCNZ National UOSWSF a couple of times, I’ve held workshops for the National Festival weekend a number of times now and I’ve also been a NSSP Selector. I was offered by SGCNZ to be part of the Shakespeare’s Globe International Actors’ Fellowship in 2011 (SG IAF). It was an extraordinary privilege. The experience is as alive in me now as if I were there yesterday. Straight after that experience I played Cleopatra in VUW’s Summer Shakespeare’s 30 year celebration production of Antony and Cleopatra. Currently I am in Auckland performing the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet for The Pop-Up Globe. Playing Shakespeare in this space of his is very, very sweet indeed. Next up is Michael Hurst’s production of King Lear for Circa theatre (Goneril). It opens May 14th. (Hooray for Shakespeare’s anniversary)”

Carmel has won Actress of the Year for Lady MacBeth (2004) and has been nominated Best Supporting Actress for Blood Wedding (2009). She tutors on the acting programme at Whitireia Performing Arts Centre in Wellington.