‘In the wings’ covid 2021

SGCNZ e-UOSWSF Plan of Action

In the possible situation of Covid affecting one or more regions again this year, SGCNZ has in place an emergency digital plan – ‘In the Wings’.

We have posted the slightly tweaked final version of the SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival Filming Guidelines of 2020 on the SGCNZ click here  and University of Otago otago.ac.nz/Shakespeare/ websites for use this year if necessary.

If a whole Region needs to ‘go digital’, it can be submitted and will be assessed in the same way as last year, through the process outlined in the Guidelines. If just a few schools are closed, they can submit their scenes on film to be assessed in a collective Virtual Region, which will be viewed by assigned Assessors and selections made under the same policies.

It is recommended that all groups film their scenes as soon as they are able or feel ready to, remembering simplicity and use of the camera as audience is what is required, rather than creating an elaborate short film.
It will be useful to preview these to self-evaluate your scene, even if it is performed live, which we certainly hope all can be.

However, if a Lockdown call is made which precludes this, rest assured, we are ready to respond immediately and again create e-Festivals as necessary and receive your films you have ‘waiting in the wings’! These worked last year!!

Please contact Dawn Sanders, SGCNZ CEO if you have any queries M: 027 283 6016 LL: 04 384 1300
E: dawn@sgcnz.org.nz

4 March 2021