In association with SGCNZ’s annual Festivals, there are six nationwide competitions. These are an opportunity to try something new and stretch your creative wings in the fields of art, music and design!

Scroll down for a detailed explanation about each of these competitions or download the entry forms below:

Entry forms for the 2024 competitions

SGCNZ/Dawn Sanders Shakespeare Costume Design Competition Entry Form

SGCNZ/ Morrison Music Trust Shakespeare Music Composition Competition Entry Form

SGCNZ/ Adam Foundation Shakespeare Static Image Competition Entry Form

SGCNZ/Adam Foundation Shakespeare Poster Competition Entry Form

SGCNZ/ Adam Foundation Shakespeare Video Title Card Competition Entry Form

SGCNZ/ Ida Gaskin Shakespeare Essay Competition With English At Otago Entry Form

All finalists win monetary prizes, presented at SGCNZ National University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival Award Ceremony on the Sunday of King’s Birthday weekend at 7.00pm, the opportunity to attend workshops on at the National Festival – and more…! All competitions have NCEA assessable components and Costume and Static Image winners have their work exhibited in the Globe Exhibition in Shakespeare’s Globe, London, for approx 6 weeks. Te Kura, homeschool, and youth community drama group students are also welcome to enter any of these competitions.

All entrants must be a SGCNZ Friend– either personally or through their school or Home School cluster.

“I met a completely different challenge as a musician than as an actor. I had to write to serious deadlines – in some instances being given requests by the directors the morning of the performance! I had to write without the usual computer software with which I compose, having to spin music out of thin air. And I had limited means with which to work – other than the odd multi-talented actor who could sing or play the guitar, I would have to play everything myself, bearing in mind the equipment I could lay my hands on. These factors considered, the task at hand had elements of impossibility streaked all throughout it; but the job simply had to be done. And somehow, I did it. This gave me huge confidence in my personal capabilities as a musician, as I succeeded in my brief .” – Celeste Oram, 2007 Supreme Winner of the Music Composition Competition, who was therefore also selected for SGCNZ National Shakespeare Schools Production as Student Composer.

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