Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand

They were all buzzing about William Shakespeare!

Observing my fellow SGCNZ YSC Alumni as we do what we love most – Shakespeare – is a truly inspiring testament to how we have flourished under the tutelage and encouragement of SGCNZ’s programmes. Its influence is long-standing and wide-reaching, and I am incredibly indebted to how it has shaped me and my future. – Celeste Oram.

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand (SGCNZ) is a life skills enhancing organisation through Shakespeare. It interacts and collaborates with Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

SGCNZ was founded in 1991. By the end of our 25th year in 2016, 105 000 students had been involved in our festivals and associated activities. Providing educational opportunities for people of all ages – primary, secondary, tertiary, emerging and professional theatre practitioners, teachers, corporate sector and lovers of Shakespeare – SGCNZ helps lift Shakespeare from the page to performance and other highly imaginative manifestations.

Developing skills of young people, including collaboration, co-operation, compromise, and at the same time, leadership, self-presentation, self- confidence, self-esteem, time management, project management and performance evaluation are just some of the key skills SGCNZ enhances.

A type of ‘cultural united nations’, SGCNZ transverses ethnic and socio-economic boundaries, by providing opportunities for all to realise their potential on stage through our festivals, its flow on activities, and the associated competitions in costume and static image design, music composition and writing. Interns from universities around the globe and local volunteers gain invaluable arts administration work experience.

SGCNZ encourages people to relish the richness of language, have fun with figures of speech, explore literature and let their imaginary forces work…!

SGCNZ Statistics

as at 1 January 2018

  • Over 110 000 high school students have participated in SGCNZ UOSWS Festivals in 26 years
  • More than half the secondary schools in New Zealand are involved
  • 970 high school students have been selected to attend SGCNZ’s National Shakespeare Schools Production week
  • 475 high school students have performed at Shakespeare’s Globe, London as members of SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company
  • 24 New Zealanders have been Interns at Shakespeare’s Globe, London
  • 42 teachers have studied at the Globe as members of SGCNZ Teachers Go Global
  • 18 mid-career actors have spent a month training at Shakespeare’s Globe chosen by SGCNZ to be Shakespeare’s Globe International Actor Fellows


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